We Just Got A Letter

It’s been a long time since I watched Blue’s Clues on a regular basis–so long ago in fact that Steve hadn’t yet left for “college”– but when I opened my mailbox today, I couldn’t help but call up Adventure Guy and sing a little round of “We just got a letter!” 

Yes, our first official letters from camp arrived today.  Actually, Adventure Guy got a postcard from Soccer Boy yesterday asking for a report on our Labrador Retriever’s hot spot healing progress.  I don’t count that because it didn’t give much information, and it was addressed only to Adventure Guy–you know, the parent who has written no letters at all yet as compared to the three I’ve sent each child. (But I’m not bitter; no I’m not).

The letters today came from each of the girls.  They both report that they are having fun and pleased with their cabin and counselor assignments.  Dancer Girl leaves for what they call “trip” tomorrow.  They will be away from the camp doing a combination of kayaking, hiking, and outdoor camping for the next few days.  Gym Girl reported that she is doing gymnastics for her “clinic,” a fact I find rather ironic what with the whole quitting the team thing!

The letters were a nice end to a week that literally ranged from murder to massage!  After Monday spent sitting in the courthouse basement, I went to jury duty prepared on Tuesday with not one but two books.  I was afraid I would finish the first book if I read again all day. 

I shouldn’t have worried because the jury clerk called my name for the second pool drawn.  I soon learned not only was this a double homicide case but that I also would be in the initial group questioned for voir dire.  We spent all day Tuesday and half of Wednesday completing this process.  The whole thing interested me, both in what the attorneys asked and what they didn’t.  Around noon on Wednesday, the judge seated the jury which did not include me.  I was intrigued to see who they did pick and am a bit curious as to why they decided to strike me, though my guess is it had to do both with my experience as a high school principal and with the fact that the judge is the mother of one of Soccer Boy’s teammates.  Ultimately, though, I was thankful not to have to listen or see the evidence in the case, which, from the bit revealed during jury selection, I could tell would not be pleasant.  Even better, after an afternoon of sitting in the basement again, the clerk dismissed the remaining jury pool, and I was free!

With the jury duty responsibility set aside, Adventure Guy and I are settling in to our temporary emptynester status.  We joined his mom and stepdad for a wine tasting event last night, and I treated myself to a massage this afternoon on my first official Friday half-day of the summer.  We work longer hours Monday through Thursday during the summer and have every Friday afternoon off.  I plan to take full advantage of those half days while the kids are gone.  In fact, I have to sign off now so that I can begin the first of the projects I promised myself I’d get done this month–catching up on my scrapbooking!

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