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We Love The Wii

Now that the painting phase of our home makeover project is complete, the gameroom is open for Wii fit training.  It nearly killed the kids to have to wait to play after Adventure Guy scored the system last weekend, but the painters had the room taped off!

Today, I managed to clock 25 minutes, and I’ve set a new goal of doing at least 30 minutes per day.  It can’t hurt with my plan to exercise more, and it sure is fun.  It would be even more fun if I could quit getting hit in the head with the extra hoops every time I do the hula hoop segment!  DD2 is up there right now trying to beat me at yoga since she was shocked that I actually placed ahead of her tonight.

I’m also happy to report that since I’ve been on South Beach this week, I’ve moved from the “overweight” category on the BMI scale to the “normal” category–just barely, but, hey, I’m not complaining!


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Points? What Points?

Is it so wrong to eat a fabulous organic shortbread cookie from my favorite bread store while reading about someone else’s struggle with weight?  If the guilt I suffered while doing so is any indication, I’m guessing it must be.

Such a Pretty Fat is Jen Lancaster’s latest memoir.  I wish my life brought as many humorous moments–though many of them must only be humorous in retrospect (and in light of cashing in the book advances and royalty checks they brought with them). This time around, Lancaster chronicles her attempts to lose weight, first through Atkins and then with Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and good old-fashioned exercise. 

After being a bit disappointed in Bright Lights, Big Ass, the second memoir in this trilogy, I’m pleased to report that Such A Pretty Fat lives up to Lancaster’s debut, Bitter is the New Black.  I found myself laughing out loud often enough for my kids to continually ask, “What?  What’s funny?” while I was reading in their presence.  And, I may even have found some motivation to get back to counting Weight Watchers points and working out more.  That is I’m sure I would have if my trainer hadn’t canceled our session on Friday!

But I am going to get motivated again.  I promise!  Just as soon as I finish that shortbread.


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Move 2008–Week 16

I thought I’d better quickly get in my update for last week on the Move 2008 challenge.  Because, evidently, I’m going to blow the goal this week for sure.  My fancy Washington, D. C. hotel charges $10 per day for access to the fitness center.  I’m already shelling out the big bucks for Internet access so that I can keep up with my blogging check my email from work.  So, despite my even bringing along workout clothes, I doubt I’m going to get much done!

But I digress.  Last week I FINALLY met my January goal.  In fact I exceeded it.  I did two stand alone cardio sessions, two hour-long workouts with my trainer which I count as both cardio and toning, and two Pilates classes.  Two being the them of the week, I also lost two pounds.

And now I must go digest the chocolate fondue I had at the cocktail reception tonight.  Stay tuned next week for a less glowing report!

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Move 2008–Week 15

Wow, we’re 15 weeks into the year?  How did that happen?  It’s amazing how time flies when you’re not exactly meeting your New Year’s resolutions.  Back when TPGoddess issued her Move 2008 challenge, I said I’d do three toning and three cardio workouts per week.  And, I’ve yet to hit that goal. 

But, I have been working out regularly with my trainer now for a couple of months.  I’m finally seeing some results, getting stronger and feeling more toned–particularly in my arms and legs.  I realize now, though, that I’ve got to get back on track with my eating if I’m really going to make my goal for summer.  I’d like to lose around ten pounds by then.  Quite doable if I’ll actually count my Weight Watchers points.  Is anyone else bitter about the fact that exercise alone doesn’t seem to do it for weight control as you get older?

So, my report for the week is that I did indeed clock the three toning sessions–two with the trainer and a Pilates class on Saturday.  I also count my hour-long workouts with the trainer as cardio because we do intervals and really get the heart rate going.  So, I have two sessions in that column as well.  So close to goal!  I’m planning on hitting the gym tomorrow for some general cardio, so I think I have a chance of actually reporting full success next week.  Hopefully I’ll have some weight loss to report as well.

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I now see the point of having a personal trainer.  There is no way on earth I would have done three full sets of the sit up move she showed me on the exercise ball, and there is definitely, absolutely, no way, no how, any chance that I would have done the triceps workout she put me through, if I had not been with my new trainer this morning.  Did you know that your triceps are involved a bit with typing?  Let’s just say, I do now.

It will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow, but I’m pretty pleased with my work so far this week.  I had a session Wednesday and one this morning.  The down side is I’m now really sleepy from getting up at 5:30 a.m.  Surely I can get used to doing that twice per week though, right?  All those people in the packed spinning class seem to be able to handle it. 

My favorite part of the whole thing is that at the end, she does assisted stretching with me.  I get to lie on the table while she moves my limbs around into various interesting positions and makes sure I get a good stretch.  Hopefully that will mean I’m not incredibly sore tomorrow.  It’s a nice thought, but I’m not counting on it!

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Rolling With The Punches

5:30 a.m. alarm?  Check.

6:00 a.m. appointment with new trainer?  Check.

7:15 a.m. drive home, legs wobbly?  Check.

7:30 a.m. healthy breakfast inspired by new workout routine?  Check.

7:35 a.m.  wake-up call for Soccer Boy?  Check.

7:36 a.m.  discovery of Soccer Boy’s horrible barking cough accompanied by fever? Uh, I wasn’t expecting that one!

So, rather than heading to work this morning, I’ve been hanging out with Soccer Boy.  His fever seems to be coming down rather than going up, so I’m holding out hope that this isn’t the flu that’s been rampant here.  His cough still sounds bad, so I’m keeping an eye, or in this case an ear, on that. 

I am going in this afternoon because I’ve got an evaluation conference I really need to make, plus I’m in charge of a school tour for the Board of Education tomorrow, and I’ve already had one call today with questions about that.  I want to be sure everything is set.  Fortunately, Adventure Guy can cover this afternoon and tomorrow if necessary.  One of the things I love about his current position is that he can work from home with no problem as long as he doesn’t have client meetings scheduled. 

But for now, I’ve been catching up on a few things around the house and doing some blog reading.  And trying, really hard, not to focus on all the work that will still be waiting for me this afternoon.  If I’d just had a little glimpse of the future, I would have brought home some things to work on.  Where is that ESP when I need it?


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Maybe It Was The Part When My Head Spun Around

I’m not sure which of the things we discussed, either calmly or not-so-calmly, over the weekend actually sunk in, but things are much improved on the teen front.

When I picked Dancer Girl up from a meeting with her science project partners last night, instead of the sullen face and attitude that I’d become far too used to over the past two weeks or so, I saw the happy girl that usually lives around here.  We were able to have a good talk and even joke a bit about the difficulties of the weekend. 

Even better, she buckled down with her studying and did really well on the online review test for science.  She’s also following the steps I recommended to make sure she has all of her assignments and is prepared for the upcoming quizzes and tests she has this week.  At this rate, I’m expecting nice improvement in her grades, which will earn her what she wants:  more access to friends and fun activities.

I know we’ll have to continue to monitor her closely so that things don’t slip back once the restrictions are lifted, but I’m pleased that she responded as quickly as she did.  It’s made our evenings at home much more pleasant.

I’ve even managed to cook dinner two nights in a row and have things set up for tomorrow as well.  It’s a banner week!  Last night we had sticky chicken, rice, broccoli, and crescent rolls.  Tonight was easy with tacos, pinto beans, and nachos.  Tomorrow is beef tips, noodles, green beans and pan rolls.  At this rate, I’m really going to need my trip to the gym tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck–it’s my first meeting with the trainer that Adventure Guy set up for me for Christmas!


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Move 2008–Weeks 5 and 6

Oops!  I just realized I never updated on my “progress” for week 5 of Move 2008, and here it is time to do the week 6 update.  So, for week 5 and 6 I logged exactly one cardio session for 40 minutes and 2.15 miles and two toning sessions (1 hour of Pilates = 2, 30 minute sessions).

The good news is that I lost .6 lbs. the first week and stayed even for my weigh in today.  I’m a bit disappointed about that since I was down a bit on Sunday.  I’ve still been tracking Weight Watcher’s points and trying to stay on track there, but my schedule lately has made me prone to sleeping in rather than getting up and going to the gym. 

I’m hoping to turn over yet another new leaf tomorrow!

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Move 2008–Week 4

Ah, it’s time for the weekly Move 2008 check-in. Week 4, though nearing Week 3 in general stress levels, went far better in terms of diet and exercise.  I achieved my cardio goal with three sessions totalling 120 minutes and 7.15 miles.  I also did one toning session, coming in two short of my goal.  Ah, opportunities for improvement. 

I was also amazed to find that when one does exercise and actually keep to one’s recommended Weight Watchers point allotment, one does lose weight.  I’m down 1.4 lbs. this week. 

It’s a good thing.  I needed the inspiration to stay on track and make it to the gym again tomorrow!

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Well, I Made It 6 Days…

Until TPGoddess called me out about my commitment to Move 2008, I had managed to go six days into January without talking about any New Year’s resolutions!  However, I do have some, and I’ve got to get moving on them, both literally and figuratively.

For exercise, my goal is to get at least three cardio workouts and three toning (whether than be weights, Pilates, or yoga) sessions per week.  Adventure Guy helped me with this goal by treating me to some personal training sessions at our gym.  I used a trainer about a year and a half ago, and it made a huge difference.  I’m pretty good about the cardio portion of things, but I’m bad about doing the weight workouts on my own.  So, my mini-goal for this week is to actually speak to the trainer and get my first session set up.  For the first week of January, I got in two cardio sessions totaling 70 minutes and 3.69 miles on the treadmill.

I have also got to get a handle on my eating.  I am close to my top weight ever with the exception of being pregnant.  I lost about 15 lbs. two years ago and swore I wouldn’t gain it back, but I’m close to having done just that.  My issue is that I like to eat, particularly sweets and fried foods.  I know exactly how to get rid of the weight and how to keep it off, but I get frustrated with the process after a while.  The exercise piece is key for me in maintaining once I’ve lost, and I’ve been negligent in that area for the last six months.

But, I turn 40 in March, and we’re planning a beach trip for that month as well.  I should have plenty of motivation to look my best for both those occasions. So, I’m back to both counting Weight Watchers points and the gym tomorrow!


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