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If I Could Hold Back Time

As the hours between three and six this afternoon ticked by, I felt more than a little empty.  For the first time since 1998, I did not attend an elementary school “Meet the Teacher” event on this Tuesday before the start of school.  With Soccer Boy’s official start of 7th-grade on Thursday, I will be the mother of three secondary school students!

Years ago, my mother made an annual pilgrimage to Suburbia just to help me with the start-of-school chaos.  The day camp program my kids attended took off the week before school started to do the changeover between summer programs and before/after school programs.  Add in the need to complete the registration process and haul school supplies to classrooms across multiple campuses while towing three children along, and I wasn’t too proud to call in reinforcements.  My mom, a former elementary school teacher, thought catching a glimpse of her precious grandchildren’s classrooms provided plenty of incentive for braving the August heat each year. 

If I could tell 2003 LSM–the one standing in line sweating through a perfectly good outfit–that she’d eventually find herself nostalgic about these events, I’m pretty sure she’d laugh out loud, likely with at least a little tinge of hysteria.

Fortunately, All-American Public Schools spreads the registration/back-to-school events for middle school and high school across a number of days.  DD1 took herself and a pile of signed documents (along, unfortunately, with an equal number of signed checks for various and sundry purchases and fees) to pick up her SENIOR year schedule last Wednesday.  Adventure Guy took Soccer Boy to the middle school that afternoon, where they arranged for his first school ID and delivered his supplies to his locker.  I checked in for duty on Friday since DD2 appeared less than thrilled about my suggestion that she take care of her registration without me.

DD2 likes to remind me that 9th-grade counts as high school.  However, I spent last year in full denial of this detail, since freshmen in our district attend a separate “freshman academy.” This year, there’s no way around the fact that I have two children in high school.  Two in high school, and one in middle school.  Where did the time go?  I think I’d be willing to sweat through a few more Meet The Teacher Days if doing so meant slowing things down just a little. 

Every year as my siblings and I started school, my mother told us she didn’t plan to let us move on to the new grade.  I wonder if I can make that technique  work any better for me than it did for her?



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