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Wow–two posts in one month.  Continuing both a posting theme and the recipe theme, I must share with you a new recipe organizer I’ve found.  While I have a lot of the recipes I make most frequently posted here on my blog.  I also have an extensive collection of cookbooks, recipe cards, and stacks of printed recipes from online sources.  I’m always rifling through stacks of things trying to find what I want.

Adventure Guy also likes to cook, and he wanted a way to organize the recipes he tears out of magazines or finds online.  He even had enough nerve to suggest that the recipe binder I received when we got married, which has now lost both its front and back covers, needed to be honorably retired. 

We’d been discussing this challenge for a while when one of our friends recommended  Pepperplate allows for importing recipes from many online sites or for manual uploading.  You can categorize them, upload photos, and share your recipes with friends via email or social media sites.

Even better, the program allows for scaling recipes automatically, building menus, creating shopping lists, and creating a meal schedule.  The online info also interfaces with an app for convenient grocery shopping. 

So far, I’ve just created a basic recipe file of my most-cooked items.  I’ll add a few more as I go along, but it’s great to have everything in one place!


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  1. OK, that looks really cool! Signing up now & downloading App 🙂

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