I Blame My iPad

In news that’s likely to surprise anyone who checks in regularly or follows this blog, I do actually have the WordPress “daily post” page in my Google Reader. You know, the one that gives people ideas about how to write daily in their blogs. Having now officially taken a month’s sabbatical from blogging, I clearly do not write daily.

I blame my iPad. Love it though I do, I don’t find it compatible with efficient blogging. Using the WordPress app for composing doesn’t allow me to post links or pictures with the ease of my laptop. I also vastly prefer using a keyboard for typing rather than a touchpad. Even though I can set up my wireless keyboard if an impromptu blogging inspiration hits me, I don’t typically go to that extent in the evening when I’m just running through my Google feed, checking Facebook, and playing a few rounds of Words With Friends. I know. I lead an exciting life.

But today’s daily post, idea inspired me. The topic? How to get more traffic to your blog. While I recommend reading the whole post, I’ll highlight a few points here that resonated for me.

  1. Update your About Page. WordPress suggests keeping the About Me section of your blog up-to-date so that readers happening by have an ideas of what your space is all about. Hmm…my tag line says “Life in general encompasses three kids, one husband, three dogs, and a job in school administration.” That pretty much sums it up, but I realize this blog covers a range of topics. I don’t consider myself a mommy blogger, though I write about parenting and my kids. I don’t consider myself an education blogger, though I certainly discuss that topic as I navigate my way professionally during these trying financial and political times. I also throw in a few book reviews and recipes along the way, reflecting my interest in spending my free time reading and cooking. Did I mention I’m in grad school and about half-way through a doctoral program. Yeah, that keeps me busy too, though I don’t devote much blog time to it.
  2. Take Requests. WordPress suggests asking readers what they want to read more about. So, what would you like to read more about? Are there some things about my scattered life that you like hearing about more than others? More recipes? More books? More specific posts about kids or work. Maybe even more talk about that elusive “balance” category?
  3. Write Well. Yes, this one is a challenge. I know I’ve had posts that are more inspired than others. Here are a few I’m particularly pleased with from the past. I’ll let you find the less-than-stellar ones on your own!

Lately, besides my love of the iPad for reading but not writing, I think my lack of inspiration stems both from the oppressive heat that has wracked Suburbia this summer as well as a work and grad school schedules that made grabbing time off difficult. After all, I’ve spent most of my “leisure” time dragging a sprinkler or hose around the yard trying to make up for the lack of performance from our built-in system, which is failing to keep up with the toll this extreme heat is taking on our trees and bushes. Well, that or throwing blocks of ice into the pool in a futile attempt to drop the water temperature below 95 degrees.

Okay, okay. This is what my backyard looked like in February. (It makes me feel better, somehow, just looking at it now).

Before The Pool Froze Over

And, yes, I remember promising I wouldn’t complain once summer arrived, but back then it was hard to imagine over thirty days and counting of temperatures that top 100 degrees. I definitely didn’t count on witnessing my car thermometer reading 118 on multiple occasions. I must note I do not live in Arizona, and here in Suburbia, we have the benefit of humidity to go along with these record-setting readings.

Now that I’ve made plenty of excuses, and asked for a little assistance in getting back in the game, I really do plan to follow a last bit of helpful advice from WordPress: post regularly. Leave me a comment if you’ve actually hung in here with me. I’d love to hear the things you’d like to know more about!


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One response to “I Blame My iPad

  1. I saw that same post and thought “oopsie!” I also am helping out a friend on a Search Engine Optimization project which is opening my mind to other ways my blog *could* be used….though I really don’t want to. She keeps bugging me to punch it up but I kinda like that my personal space remains personal and if it gets traffic..well..that’s nice but not *needed* πŸ™‚
    Since I have used many of your recipes and been very pleased with the results, I’m totally up for more of those. And I love your posts on your work since yours is a perspective that I relish on those matters. I also like reminiscences from your childhood or stories about the town your grew up in.

    Mostly I am just jealous as all get out over the ipad! I want one!! πŸ™‚

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