Sunday Morning

I imagined mornings like this last year when the pool in my backyard consisted merely of a very large hole in the ground. I could just see myself rolling lazily out of bed and wandering out for a relaxing morning swim.

Both of those things happened this morning. I slept in until after eight, the latest I’ve managed on this week of vacation that involved so much driving and making early college visit appointments. I also just dunked myself in the pool prior to sitting down on my porch to compose this post. The part I didn’t imagine last year? That swim came after I’d watered all my plants, sweated out weeding the grass from the rock border, and picked up the monumental collection of poop our dogs managed to generate in two days. There are multiple reasons I miss the kids when they are at camp. Somewhere in that ranking is the fact that I end up doing their chores while they are gone. I’m not going to comment on the actual order of those reasons at this particular point.

DD1 and I arrived home from the college visit trip on the evening of my wedding anniversary. Adventure Guy and I celebrated by taking DD1 with us to our favorite family Thai restaurant (you know you’re a regular when the hostess greets you by saying, “Mr. AG! It’s been so long! We haven’t seen you for nearly a week.”) Dinner gave DD1 an opportunity to fill Adventure Guy in on all the details of the trip and her thinking about the schools. The short version: Arkansas and Kansas are in, Missouri and Kansas State are out. DD1 actually enjoyed her Kansas State visit and the university, but for those of you who have never been to Manhattan, Kansas, let me just say it should be in the dictionary under “the middle of nowhere.” DD1 just couldn’t picture herself living there for four years.

The rest of the weekend’s events proved much more exciting for the rest of my family than for me. DD1 spent time with her boyfriend and then worked all day yesterday. Adventure Guy lived up to his name by running his first ultra marathon (that’s two marathons put together, yes 52.4 miles). He started running at midnight Saturday morning and finished at 3:00 p.m. Did I mention it was 106 degrees yesterday. He had hoped to finish the race by noon. I knew that was an optimistic goal, so I didn’t worry much until I hadn’t heard from him by two. He really concerned me when I got two calls, one to my cell and the next to the home phone, from his number with no one responding when I answered. Fortunately, he called back to say, “I can’t hear you, but if you can hear me, I’m finished and I’m heading home.” His iPhone got so overheated on the run it was malfunctioning. Needless to say, he didn’t do much the rest of the day but sleep and nurse the painful looking blisters and chaffing he acquired despite all his usual precautions against them.

When your husband thinks running over fifty miles is a fun and reasonable thing to do, its hard not to feel like a slug regarding one’s own weekend activities. I did feel fairly productive, however, since I managed to make it out to the farm store for the fresh corn that’s finally in season and then on to the grocery store and the artisan bread store in preparation for tonight’s planned dinner with Adventure Guy’s step-brother and his family. I even whipped up some of my favorite blackberry ice cream from The Pioneer Woman’s recipe and made a roasted vegetable dip to serve tonight from the plethora of zucchini and squash I still had on hand from my last co-op order. To top it off, and because I felt really sorry for Adventure Guy, I finally made him his favorite cake–angel food filled with chocolate pudding and iced with whipped cream–that I’d promised him since we skipped it on his birthday in May.

The good news is now that most of the shopping and cooking happened yesterday and the yard maintenance is done for today, I have nothing left to do until a little before the scheduled four o’clock arrival of our company. I think I’ll try to get back to a more ideal version of that picture I imagined last year, the one that involves my lying around at the pool reading.



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3 responses to “Sunday Morning

  1. Anonymous

    I have indeed been to Manhattan, Kansas. At Christmas time. The town was quaint and very Mayberry RFD-ish but there’s WAY too much snow there for my liking.

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