Journey to the Future

This week, DD1 and I find ourselves testing our admittedly rather limited navigational skills as we visit four of her five potential college picks. Her criteria? Must be a large, state university. Must not bee “too” cold. Must be within reasonable driving distance from Suburbia. Must not be likely to attract large numbers of other students from All-American High. Must have an undergraduate program that lends itself to meeting admission requirements for physical therapy school but doesn’t limit employment opportunities if physical therapy school turns out to be just a passing interest.

So far, we’ve visited the University of Arkansas and the University of Missouri. I’m typing from our hotel room now, having sampled some excellent homemade ice cream at a local Lawrence, Kansas spot. Tomorrow, we learn more about the University of Kansas.

But we’ve already learned some valuable things on this trip. We travel well together, just the two of us. DD1 can handle herself in unexpected rush-hour traffic (note to self, it would have been better to time arriving in Kansas City some time other than 5:00 p.m.). Maids are not likely to turn in your expensive Chaco sandals that were left under the hotel room bed, even if you realize your mistake a few hours later and call the hotel prior to leaving town.

And most importantly, sometimes you just know if a school is a good fit or not. Sometime you just know, and even more importantly you should always listen to that little voice that leads you in the right direction. I’ll keep you posted as to what direction that voice takes DD1 next year.


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