Summer Days Wasted Away

Over a decade has passed since I officially enjoyed “summer vacation.” Though I’d love to be paid for every time someone remarks, “Really?  You work during the summer.  What do you do?”  In reality, school administration is a full-time, year-round gig.  In my office–summer is particularly busy, filled with conducting professional development sessions, ordering textbooks, and planning for the upcoming year.

And as busy as I am, I can’t help but remain a little bitter over the loss of the lazy days of June and July that I enjoyed not only as a student but also as a teacher.  I’ll slip away the last week of June so that DD1 and I can hit the road and tour a number of colleges she’s interested in applying to in the fall.  But until I have a few days away from the office, here’s a report of what I’ve been doing on my (not) summer vacation.

  1. Completed three of the six hours of graduate work I’m taking this summer–School and Community Relations down, Quantitative Research to go (eek! says the liberal arts major).
  2. Dug up the second set of now-dead barberry bushes from the new backyard flower bed and replaced them with double pink knockout roses, a specimen I hope proves more suited for the location.  I’ve never had trouble with barberry before, but two attempts at four bushes each led me to admit gardening defeat.
  3. Made up for my lack of successful shrub growing by finding several significant deals on plants now that the weather is really heating up in Suburbia.  I scored the aforementioned roses and some ornamental grasses and asparagus ferns I picked up to add to my containers for half price.
  4. Actually submerged myself in our backyard pool (completed just in time last fall for the weather to turn too cold to swim) and then progressed to floating about on a raft while reading. 
  5. Read The Devotion of Suspect X, a great psychological thriller from Japan (completed partially as described above).
  6. Sent two kids to camp for a month.
  7. Managed to cook dinner multiple times in one week–a record after my dismal performance in this area at the end of the school year.  Tonight’s offering, Summer Minestrone and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Yummy and very helpful in using up some of the zucchini and other summer vegetable I acquired at this month’s farmer’s co-op. I made the soup pretty much as is with the exception of following the suggestion to add the fresh spinach to the bowls prior to ladling in the soup rather than adding it to the soup itself and adding some garlic in with the onion and a bay leaf and some oregano and pepper for seasoning. 

Looking back, June hasn’t been so bad after all.  But I know what will be better–next week, when vacation is a reality rather than a state of mind.


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  1. Darci Dembroski

    You’ll have to shoot me an email sometime and fill me in on the plans for the college visits. We had a nice time doing that with Bethany last Spring break so I’ll be curious on where you’re heading and how it goes. Enjoy!

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