The good news?  I did not actually get blown away by the recent severe weather that swept through Suburbia.  The bad news?  It would be hard to tell that from my posting frequency of late. 

But, the sun finally reappeared today, bringing with it the promise of warm weather.  Adventure Guy and I finished out the corner flower bed that the pool construction last fall uprooted.  I have a new clematis happily winding its way up the trellis and petunias waving as the breeze blows by their hanging baskets.  Soon, it may even get warm enough to do some swimming, though thus far my interaction with the pool continues to consist of emptying skimmer baskets and otherwise cleaning out all the detritus of spring floating in the water.

April showers, spring flowers, plus soccer games, track meets, end-of-semester projects,  and AP exams.  Oh, yes! It’s definitely spring.


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  1. Darci Dembroski

    I wondered what had happened to you…… Glad to see you’re still alive! 😀

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