“You’re not much fun when it comes to ducks!”

On that note, we concluded Spring Break 2011.  Soccer Boy found himself quite disappointed by my refusal to allow him to chase and potentially kick the mallard couple incongruously wandering around in front of Subway.  Even though we spent most of the previous four days eating plenty of Tex-Mex and other comfort foods in my hometown, I couldn’t quite bring myself to cook dinner after our drive home today.

However, the lack of duck chasing opportunities was not the low point of Soccer Boy’s weekend.  Friday afternoon, he managed to fall and cut his chin while we were out exploring a historic town near my parents’ home.  The loud thud, followed by gushing blood, tipped me off right away that our future held a visit to the emergency room.  Fortunately, I was able to slow the bleeding enough for us to return home rather than seek treatment at the rural hospital.  Three hours and four stitches later, I had one almost good as new boy. 

After that, I’d had all the excitement I needed.  We spent the rest of our vacation in low-key mode.  My parents did take the kids out on a boat tour, though I opted to stay home.  I took that opportunity to visit with my 99-year-old great-aunt, her son, and my grandmother.  I know that moments like that are likely to be scarce in the future.  It’s amazing the longevity in that family, but my aunt seems more frail each time I see her.

To complete the family reunion, my sister and her family spent the first few days with us on their way home from a trip to Arkansas, and my dad’s brother and his wife came through today on their way home from visiting my cousin in Atlanta. 

 So, though I may be found lacking in the “duck fun” category of parenting, I can say that my children are well-versed in the value of family and the joy of spending time with people they love.  I’ll take that any day!


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