Coming Up For Air

In between running to church, getting my car washed, helping DD2 make a strawberry tart from a Renaissance-era recipe, fielding an impromptu visit from my mother-in-law, and advising DD1 on packing for China, I finished a take-home final from my latest doctoral class.  I wish I could say I handled it all with aplomb.  I’m afraid Adventure Guy might disagree considering I snapped at him for interrupting my writing after he’d asked me a couple of questions in a row this afternoon.  In my defense, he’d been gone most of the day running a marathon and leaving me to take care of all of the above activities.  In his defense, he just asked a couple of questions.

I enjoyed my recent stay in Houston–room service and all.  The conference I attended provided a lot of useful information, the opportunity to enjoy some time with my sister and her family, a trip to my favorite Mexican restaurant, and plenty of warmth and glimpses of newly planted spring flowers.  It gave me hope that winter would end soon in Suburbia as well.

Unfortunately, winter wind accompanied by rain greeted me when I landed at home on Thursday afternoon.  I rushed from the airport to that evening’s class, which didn’t end until almost ten that night.  We’re still making up time from our missed weekends during the snowstorm.  Time and plenty of assignments.  This semester’s compressed schedule seems even more difficult than usual–especially since I’m scheduled to start my next class this Thursday.  Typically we have a bit of a break in between courses, but that luxury is not to be had this time around thanks to Spring Break and an extended schedule for this second class–our first research class in the program.

 My schedule at work doesn’t let up between now and the second week of March.  No pun intended, but it’s like a forced march right up until the beginning of Spring Break.  I can’t tell you how much I”m looking forward both to a few slow days in the office that week as well as the last couple of days I plan to take as vacation.

I just need to figure out the best way to get through the time between now and then.


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