Snow Daze

10:00 a.m. Snow Day

See the picture above?  The one taken over a week ago?  My yard still looks exactly like that.  After a history-breaking snow storm last Tuesday, Suburbia continued to experience temperatures below freezing and has since had more snow both last Friday and today, rewriting the record books for “most snow in a single day,” “most snow in February,” and “most snow in a month.”

Unfortunately, it also caused All-American Public Schools to break a record of its own–most school days missed in a row due to weather.  My children haven’t set foot in a classroom since January 31.  The major problem with returning to school late last week and early this week involved the lack of clearing of neighborhood streets.  Unless a neighborhood previously contracted with a private group for snow removal, nothing happened.  While Adventure Guy and I could brave the streets in our 4-wheel drive vehicles, smaller cars could not.  Though we tried several test runs from the district transportation center, school buses couldn’t navigate the rutted streets either.

So the kids stayed home.  As demonstrated by my lack of posting, I worked both Monday and Tuesday, including a long night at Monday’s evening school board meeting.  Much of my time that was not devoted to trying to squeeze in all the meetings and work cancelled during last week’s storm involved working to figure out exactly how we’ll be making up all this time.  We developed a plan, just in time to take another day off  thanks to the eight plus inches of new snow that fell last night and this morning.

The good news?  This weekend’s forecast includes temperatures in the 50s.  We might just make it out of here before spring after all.


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