The Great Outdoors

I left the house today.  Sam’s Club, Tex-Mex lunch, grocery store.  That may not sound like an unusual Saturday to many, but the snow that fell Monday night still has Suburbia almost paralyzed.  But today, the sun shone, some of the snow melted, and Adventure Guy and I ran errands.  It came just in time to prepare for a friend’s Super Bowl party tomorrow night and the predicted new round of snow and ice coming in at the end of the weekend.

My family benefitted from the time spent snowed in this week–lots of home cooking and plenty of down time all around–but we’re all looking forward to getting out and doing some socializing tomorrow night.  Among the five of us we have three party invitations, one for each of the girls and one for Adventure Guy, Soccer Boy, and me.  I’ll be taking along Numero Uno Bean Dip–always a hit with the guys and a great accompaniment to football watching. 

I hope everyone out there is staying warm.  Enjoy the game, or better yet, the commercials!


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