Blizzard On Tap

The word “blizzard” doesn’t apply to Suburbia very often.  In fact, in the fourteen years since we moved here from the warmer climes of Houston, it’s a word I’ve heard exactly once before in reference to local weather, during the momentous Christmas Eve storm of 2009.  But, tonight’s local news reports buzzed with the excitement of an impending “storm of the century” (mind you, not to be confused with last year’s storm of the century).

Here’s the weather alert.

Light freezing drizzle will occur this evening, with steadier freezing rain and sleet late tonight.  Ice will changeover to snow early Tuesday.

Snowfall totals of 6-12″ totals will be common. A narrow band of amounts over a foot is also likely. Snow could accumulate at the rate of 1-2″ per hour.  35-40 mph winds will create  blizzard conditions from Suburbia to the north and west.

Yes, a foot of snow.  That level of accumulation is unheard of around here.  A “good snow” for us is six inches or so.  Much to the dismay of All-American Public School’s superintendent, who worked previously in Minnesota, all of the area districts cancelled school for tomorrow at around six o’clock tonight–all without a flake or a drop of rain in sight–based on the weather forecast of doom.  At this point, I have to hold out hope that we won’t all be embarrassed tomorrow.  Our concern hinged mainly on the combination of ice first, then snow, all happening right around the time we would be running buses in the morning.  At least if we’re wrong, we won’t be wrong alone.  The governor also declared a state of emergency earlier today.

In preparation, I made beef and barley soup to simmer in the crockpot tomorrow, and I baked some banana bread to go along with the vanilla bars we still have from DD1’s birthday treats.

Hopefully we won’t repeat the mass power outages of 2007–a definite risk with the high winds predicted during the storm.  Adventure Guy replenished our wood supply for the fireplace over the weekend, and I stopped by the grocery store before work this morning to avoid the inevitable crazed snow storm rush.  So at least we won’t freeze or starve. It’s times like these I’m thankful for my choice of a gas cooktop. And, yes, I even own a manual can opener, a very handy thing to possess when attempting to cook without electricity.

Blogging is another thing it’s difficult to do without electricity.  So, I’ll post here as I can.  In the meantime, I plan to focus on staying as warm as possible!


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