Fashion Sense and Sensibility For “Moms on the Go”

Fashion confession time.  I enjoy several daily style blogs–click over to two of my favorites, Already Pretty and Style Underdog— and I watch TLC’s What Not To Wear religiously.  For evidence of the truthfulness of the latter part of that statement check out my title.  Stacey and Clinton are forever transforming women whose daily go to outfits tend to involve yoga pants, sloppy sweats, and hoodies into “moms on the go” with well-fitting jeans, cute shoes, and fun, structured jackets. Invariably, they look pounds lighter and years younger by the end of the episode.

While I try not to focus too much on weight and age issues, I certainly want to look my best and keep up with fashion trends in an age-appropriate way.  Besides looking at what those fun fashion bloggers wear daily, I also like to gain inspiration from the catalogs that constantly wing their way to my mailbox.  J. Jill typically provides some great examples of put-together casual looks that can often be recreated from staples already in my closet.

For example I plan to sport looks similar to both of these pictures in the very near future…

Cardigan and Casual Skirt

Chambray Shirt, Breton T-shirt, Skinny Jeans

And then, I flipped the page and literally said outlout, “Oh, good Lord, no!”  There are some things that should never come back into style.

Like this…

Short Denim Overall Jumper

Or these..


And definitely not this…

Long Denim Overall Jumper

And if the fashion universe fails to heed my well-intentioned warning, I have a plan. I’ll be the mom over forty who falls back on the old adage, “If you’re old enough to have worn it the first time, you’re too old to wear it again.” Oh, wait.  Did I just admit to having worn these in the ’80s?  I’ll sign off now so that I can commence destroying any photographic evidence that may exist.



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4 responses to “Fashion Sense and Sensibility For “Moms on the Go”

  1. (shudder)….the only one of those horrid denim creations that I wore the first time around was the bottom one. And I’m not proud of that in any way!

    Clogs? Really? Sigh…………

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  3. freshhell

    Yikes. I don’t have any of those staples and can’t wear jeans (even if I could they are verboten at work). I know I look frumpy and fat every day but I don’t have the time, money and interest in shopping and buying more stuff that will sit in my closet and look bad on me. Sigh. All my ’80’s clothes are gone (thank god) and wouldn’t fit or be appropriate in any setting these days.

    • LSM

      Don’t feel bad about not having exactly the items shown. That’s what I like about using pictures like these as inspirations rather than exact models. For instance, I don’t have a cargo pocket skirt, or even a grey or khaki one like that, but I have a denim pencil skirt that I can pair with a cardigan and belt. I can’t wear jeans to work either, but I could wear that look on the weekend, or substitute slim black pants for the jeans for work. Oh, I don’t have a stiped t-shirt either, so I’d have to use a different printed tee or a solid. I just like playing around with the looks in general, and I’ve been amazed how after avoiding belts for a long time I’ve realized they can actually make my waist (always a problem area for me) look smaller when positioned correctly.

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