Way Beyond Compare

Daily I find myself marveling that the little girl in the picture below now stands taller than I do. This morning, I had just enough time to hug her and wish her happy birthday before she bustled off to school, track practice, and work.

Seventeen! I know the song lyric is, “She was just seventeen,” but surely it could be, “I was just seventeen.” That’s certainly the way I feel, though the fact that I continue to receive emails about my upcoming 25th high school reunion obviously proves otherwise.

DD1 makes me proud. A child who continually demonstrates wisdom beyond her years, she focuses on living life fully today while still dreaming about tomorrow. I love her tremendously, this girl who launched my journey as a mother, but–even better–I truly like the young woman she’s become.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

The Birthday Girl In An Earlier Incarnation


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