Ms. Clean

Well, the children got their wish this week.  Snow days all around for districts across our part of the state.  Surprisingly, even my university cancelled both day and evening classes yesterday.  Honestly, I didn’t think the street conditions warranted that, since All-American Public School’s primary reason for cancelling centered on the ability to run buses on through hilly subdivisions with icy streets not addressed by the sanding, salting, plowing efforts of the city.  I certainly could have ventured out safely for the drive to campus last night, though I’ll admit I enjoyed staying home for a family dinner instead.

Today, without ringing phones or a packed meeting schedule to distract me from my efforts, I managed to sort through an embarrassingly old pile of papers, professional readings, and other things I always intend to “get to later.”  Behold, the lovely, clean status of my non-virtual desktop!

Next week’s calendar was daunting even before I had to consider rescheduling several things that should have happened while everyone was home cozying up around the fire.  Plus, thanks to the predicted melting today and tomorrow, I don’t expect a reprieve from Saturday’s all-day class.  With all that in mind, I plan to thoroughly enjoy the relaxed pace of the rest of my work day today.  With a desk that looks like mine, I deserve it!


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