Facebook continues to make news when it comes to their privacy policies and the advertising value of users’ information. I try to keep my profile there pretty innocuous, and I certainly don’t post any pictures or information there that I would not want to see printed in the local newspaper. 

But evidently, I did let one little piece of information slip.  Yes, I am a dachshund owner.  At some point, I “liked” a dachshund page, cueing a spate of sidebar advertising targeted to lovers of small, short dogs.  In case you’d like to get in on the action, click on the picture below from the two latest suggestions…

Swarovski Crystal Pendant

Tiffany-Style Table Lamp

Because, really, who doesn’t want a Tiffany-style, vinyl dachshund lamp?


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  1. Wow. I see things like that and I always wonder who got paid to design them.

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