Every Other Day of the Week Is Fine

Is it wrong to follow a post about the challenges women face in getting ahead in the workplace with a complaint about work?  Well, not exactly a complaint about work per se, but a complaint about working.  I find myself the only one in my family who must report to work or school tomorrow.  While the children and Adventure Guy snooze away, I’ll make the morning commute as usual.  Our district includes Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a holiday for teachers and students but not as a vacation day for twelve-month employees. 

The good news?  The public views school as “closed” for the day, meaning I might actually have a fighting chance to see the bottom of my in box by the end of the day.  Outside of two scheduled meetings, I plan to spend the day planning for several upcoming events, cleaning off my desk, and sorting through my email.  I know, it’s hard to fathom such an exciting day at the office!

We enjoyed a calm weekend here in Suburbia.  Adventure Guy spent the time hunting with a groups of friends and family, returning tonight with a very tired dog and some pheasant he plans to grill later in the week.  On Saturday morning, I informed the kids that they should interpret my yoga pants, glasses, and hoodie outfit to mean I had no plans to leave the house for the day. Instead, I completed the reading assignments for my course that begins Thursday. DD2 and friends stayed up all night Friday at a church lock-in, which, of course, necessitated their sleeping all day Saturday.  Soccer Boy took advantage of a warming trend to shoot some hoops and ride bikes with his neighborhood friends, and DD1 and her boyfriend decided to take their new Christmas bikes for a spin on our riding trails. That left me with a quiet place to study, though I’ll admit to finding myself distracted by blog reading and other extraneous activities.

Today, the kids and I ventured out to church before DD1 clocked in at work, Soccer Boy attended a skating party with the church “tween” group,  and DD2 took off for tumbling lessons.  Now, DD2 and two of her friends seem intent on tearing my kitchen apart in the process of making red velvet cupcakes, and DD1 is out to dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  I think that vacation day tomorrow will be well-earned on their part!

P. S. I forgot to mention I also caught up with some of my television viewing over the weekend.  Did anyone else see Bill Maher’s show and wonder what James Carville was thinking when he chose the Mardi Gras-esque puple, green, and yellow rugby shirt for his panelist appearance?


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  1. Oh my word, we were all a-twitter on Friday night about that horrible rugby shirt!! It just seemed to add another dimension to his already otherworldly appearance and accent.

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