The Post With The Oblique Loverboy Reference

Currently, my husband is wandering around with his running buff adorning his head and saying things to the dog like, “You want birds?  You wanna go get some birds?  I know you do!”  He also plugged in his electric boots and packed up his assorted camo gear.

Yes, the time for Adventure Guy’s annual Kansas pheasant hunt with friends and family has arrived.  Anyone who wonders why the weather turned bitterly cold recently should quit speculating.  If Adventure Guy plans to stalk innocent birds, by definition the temperatures must remain below twenty degrees. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t be bird hunting. He assures me this all makes for great fun and bonding.  I remain unconvinced.

Nonetheless, Adventure Guy leaves tomorrow.  I’ll soldier through and hold things down on the home front until Sunday, a price I’m willing to pay for the privilege of staying warm.  I plan to thoroughly enjoy the modern conveniences of central heating and possibly pizza delivery service. Plus, the dogs who remain at home will expect lots of cuddle time. 

The only difficult part comes from realizing that I have two more work days to get through before my weekend starts.  Since I took last Friday off, this week marks the first full week I’ve worked in nearly a month.  I’d love to say that little detail proved no challenge at all, but I don’t like to lie.  Right now, I’m definitely working for the weekend!


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