Adventure Guy spent the last two weeks alternating between waking me up at night with his hacking cough and trying to declog his nose during the day. Yesterday, I informed him that I had newfound sympathy for his plight–despite the fact that he continued to refuse to seek medical attention for whatever ails him.  Yes, even my normally robust immune system succumbed to whatever evil bug is making the rounds here in Suburbia.

I rarely get sick.  As I sat repeatedly blowing my nose in the office yesterday, my assistant said, “I think this is the first time you’ve been sick  in the two years I’ve worked for you.”  I think she’s right.  My early days of teaching, when I contracted everything the students brought in with them, continue to provide a lot of insurance against the bug of the day.  But starting on Monday night, I felt miserable.  Sore throat, stuffiness, headache, intermittent chills.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think my body was faking it just to keep me from having to return to work after a very nice vacation.  But, no such luck.  I tried to stay home Tuesday morning.  My mistake?  Keeping my phone by the bed after I’d texted to let my office know I planned to come in late.  Several “dings” of the email later, I realized sleep was no longer a possibility.  I stocked up on cold medicine and headed in to the office.

Fortunately, Adventure Guy’s own illness turned the corner before the onset of mine.  He cooked dinner last night while I sipped chicken and rice soup and hibernated in our bedroom.  By this morning, I could tell I’d turned the corner.  I still needed the cold medicine and multiple tissues to get me through the non-stop meetings on my calendar today, but I feel so much better.

I’m thankful for the timing and for the fact that I obviously had something different from Adventure Guy’s ongoing bug .  We plan to head to The Cotton Bowl in Dallas to watch Texas A & M play on Friday.  I’m looking forward to cheering on my team without the benefit of over-the-counter drugs!


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