Holiday Update

Though over ten years have passed since I last had my own classroom, certain habits die hard.  For instance, I like to record the attendance each week for our Sunday school class.  Fortunately, I don’t require members to announce “here” nor do I actually call their names.  Something tells me they wouldn’t go along with that.  I also enjoy awarding extra credit at random moments, both to myself and to others.  Today, I get extra credit for ending the procrastination and writing a blog post.  And, it’s been less than a week since the last one–bonus

After I checked in last, our family logged another succesful Christmas Eve–church services followed by our traditional dinner of fondue, twice-baked potatoes, broccoli rice casserole, and rolls.  I took the famous chocolate sundae dessert to my in-laws the next day where it garnered the traditional rave reviews.  Then, we made a whirlwind 600-mile roundtrip to visit my family–piling eight children and nine adults into the seven available bedrooms at my grandmother’s and parents’ homes.  My siblings and I determined that our goal for the next year will be to convince our parents to upgrade the sleeping options.  Antique beds look quite charming but sleep less so for those who happen to top 5’5″. 

Challenging sleeping arrangements aside, we packed lots of visiting and even more eating in to the three days in Texas.  We saw our cousins and their families on my mom’s side and caught up with old friends from high school. Did I mention that we ate?  I think I’m still full from the rounds of Tex-Mex and barbecue, not to mention the candy and other assorted desserts.

Since returning home, I learned that our dachshund has a bulging disc in his back.  We took one look at his walk when we picked him up from boarding and realized the “something a bit off” we’d noticed before dropping him at the kennel had not improved but instead worsened.  We assumed one of the big dogs stepped on him, causing him some soreness that would lessen over time.  We may be right about the source of the injury, but, instead of shaking it off, he’s been an inpatient since yesterday afternoon, receiving steroid shots and managed rest.  I am very hopeful this will take care of the issue.  The vet indicated we’d caught it early and that this treatment had a good chance of success.  Otherwise, we’re looking at doggie back surgery, which I’d certainly rather avoid.

But today, instead of focusing on my unfortunate short, long dog, I slept in, took DD2 and her friends to the mall, ran my own errands, actually made dinner for the family, and watched some movies on my to-see list.  Even better?  I have three more days off before the end of vacation, and I plan to enjoy every one!


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