Christmas Minus Six

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the preset function on my oven, we awoke this morning to fresh-baked cream cheese Danish.  If you know anything about how I feel about cream cheese Danish, you’ll understand that this in itself makes for a good day.  I felt both accomplished for my forward thinking and adequately motherly in that I sent off DD2 and the friend who spent the night with her with a nice breakfast. 

Said friend’s family picked the girls up for church this morning, leaving me almost alone in the house.  Our intrepid hunters–also known as Adventure Guy and Soccer Boy–continue to stalk the deer of Texas and will arrive home some time this afternoon.  DD1, unfortunately, came home early from work yesterday with one of the various ailments that evidently chose Christmas as the perfect time to make the rounds.  I’m letting her sleep in this morning in hopes that she will feel better.

Faced with the prospect of attending services alone this morning, I opted for going back to bed instead for a lazy morning of surfing the Internet and reading. My current companions include one dachshund snuggled under the covers with me and one snoring labrador retriever on the floor.  They appear quite satisfied with the morning’s activities. 

I find myself quite satisfied as well.  Thanks to my day off on Friday, I’m further along on the Christmas preparations than I typically am at this point.  One more gift should still arrive on my doorstep and will need wrapping, but, overall, I’ve finished that task.  I also whipped up a double batch of cranberry chutney and have a dozen beautiful jars waiting for delivery to colleagues at work tomorrow. 

Now, all the baking and candy-making activities will be strictly voluntary.  I hope to spread them out over the next week to avoid my consuming most of them before I can take goodies to Adventure Guy’s family on Christmas Day and my family after Christmas.  I work tomorrow and Tuesday, but I’ve cleared my schedule for the remainder of the week.  Holly clusters, divinity, and sugar cookies, here we come!


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