Holiday Baby Steps

Christmas preparations this year in Suburbia remain tenuous at best.  Though the inside of the house looks fairly festive, we still lack outdoor lights and a Christmas tree.  The absence of lights represents my capitulation on that issue and my unwillingness to take responsibility for them myself. The tree situation represents my failure to persuade the minor children around here of the merits of the artificial Christmas tree.  Yes, my family still insists on a fresh tree.  No, we do not have time to procure said tree until the last minute.  This year, I’m wondering if it will be worth the effort, since the next time we seem likely to fit tree shopping into our collective schedules appears to be next Sunday.

But, there is good news.  I only need one more Christmas present…Adventure Guy keeps dithering as to exactly what he wants from his list.  I finished the Christmas letter tonight, and, even better, I completed my semester for graduate school last weekend and turned in the final paper via email Sunday night.

That leaves two holiday parties to attend, a couple of batches of cranberry chutney to whip up for gifts, the holiday cards to address and mail, and Christmas cookies to bake (need a sugar cookie recipe?  this one is really the best!).  I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!


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  1. Rachel

    Wow! You make me feel less hopeless… We don’t have any decorations except a tree, and that even has lights on it. We haven’t opted for artificial yet, but we have decided that we can skip the long windy drive to cut one ourselves and go to the nursery in town.

    We’re forcing ourselves into organization a bit this year by having a party — it does concentrate the mind.

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