Well, They Are Really Cute

“Oh, I forgot to mention, you got a package today.  I didn’t look to see where it came from.”

Adventure Guy conveniently updates me on our mail deliveries, seeing as how he spends a great deal of his time working from home while I’m at the office.  Today, though, I couldn’t imagine what this package could be.  I’ve already received several of my Christmas orders, and, though I’m expecting several more, I order those recently enough that they should take a few days longer to arrive on my porch.

In fact, I felt very accomplished as we talked because I’d used a little of my lunch time today to do some final online shopping, ordering a few gifts and the kids’ traditional Christmas Eve pajamas.

So, I found myself quite surprised when I arrived home and opened the package to find…Soccer Boy’s Christmas Eve pajamas.  I have absolutely no recollection of actually ordering this set, though I do remember browsing for them.  Ironically, they are exactly the same set I ordered today.  At least I know that’s really the pair I want for him!  Unfortunately, by the time that I realized my error and called customer service, it was too late to stop today’s order.  I guess I’ll be making a trip to UPS for a return in the near future.

I do not want to contemplate what this means about my level of preparation and focus on the holiday this year.  I can’t wait to finish my class this weekend so that I can shift into full holiday-preparation mode.  Obviously, I need a little more concentration in that area!


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