There May Not Be Any Boughs of Holly Involved, But…

Halls?  Decked.  In a fit of Christmas spirit this evening, I decided to seize the moment and decorate. Normally, I’d tackle the task this weekend, but thanks to some big events, I’ll be otherwise occupied.

First, All-American High takes on our cross-town rival tomorrow night.  Only this time, it’s not just for local bragging rights like back in September.  Oh, no.  This round is for the big gold state-championship ball.  The family will road-trip to one of our state universities, around 90 miles away for the big event.

Then, early (I planned to write “bright and early” until I realized there will be nothing “bright” about it) Saturday morning, Adventure Guy and I take off on an impromptu overnight trip to the Washington, D. C. area to meet up with his mom’s extended family for a pre-Christmas get together.  I’d love to take the kids, but it’s an adults-only kind of event, and it just didn’t seem worthwhile to expend the kind of dollars it would have required to fly us all in for a brief appearance on their part.

All that activity means no chance for decorating.  Plus, I’ll be spending the majority of next weekend in class again.  So, Thursday night decorating spree it was.  Now, all I need to do is convince Adventure Guy that he really does want to put up the outdoor lights sometime this season!


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