New York: Day Five

Guess what?  When it’s drizzling and in the mid-50s at ground level of the Empire State Building, it’s not unlikely that instead of drizzle, you’ll find yourself pelted with sleet pellets on the 86th floor observatory.  Unfortunately, I now know this from personal experience. 

Rain bookended our time in New York.  Thanks to some cheap umbrellas from the Murray Hill Market, a corner store that became our favorite stop for ice cream and other essentials during our stay, we managed to stay relatively dry on our tourist adventures despite the rain on Thursday when we arrived and Monday as we planned to depart.  Though Adventure Guy and Soccer Boy made the trip to the top of the Empire State Building on sunny Saturday, the girls chose to sleep in that morning and missed the opportunity.  We decided to make up for that on Monday since we had time to spend prior to our early evening flight.

The good news–Monday morning coupled with cold and rain made for smaller crowds.  The bad news–did I mention the sleet?  And the wind?  And the less-than-optimal view?  The girls and I braved the outside viewing platform for a bit despite these obstacles, and we made our way completely around the indoor portion.  We could still see quite a distance, and I still rate the whole adventure as worthwhile.  Afterall, it’s on the “top things to do in New York City” lists.  How could we miss it?

What doesn’t make all those top ten lists is a trip to Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken.  But that indeed made DD2’s top list of things to accomplish on our trip.  Admittedly, I am less-than-familiar with New Jersey geography, but when Adventure Guy, being the good dad that he is, discovered it wouldn’t be much of a detour on our way back to Newark for our flight, he agreed to book a car that would take us there and wait for us to discover the joys of The Cake Boss‘s lobster tail pastries. 

So, soon after checking out of our hotel around noon, we found ourselves waiting on line for our opportunity to purchase bakery clothing items, select a few treats, and hold our collective breath for a glimpse of one of the employees the girls have come to know through the TLC reality show.  They did spot a few people they recognized, but–alas–Buddy was away from the store on his nation-wide speaking tour. Not being a big fan of the show myself, the lobster tail (essentially a cream puff with a croissant-like outer shell) more than met my expectations for the adventure and assuaged any disappointment I might have experienced from not seeing any reality tv stars in the process.

We arrived at Newark in plenty of time for a leisurely lunch before checking in for our flight.  If only we’d known just how leisurely we could have been!  Thanks to the aforementioned rain, the flight schedule slowed to a crawl, with delays posted all over the boards.  We eventually took off almost two hours late–making me extremely thankful once again for our direct flights on this trip.  At least once the plane took off, we knew we didn’t have to worry about making connections in order to get home.

Perhaps the weather delays served a useful purpose in that we all felt lucky by the time we pulled into the garage here in Suburbia.  The last few days will be hard to forget, though, as this trip definitely ranks high on our own family top ten list.


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