New York Day Four: And Then, We Shopped

Sunday–marathon day.  Our official reason for the New York trip?  Adventure Guy’s participation in the New York City Marathon.  He took the ferry over to Staten Island early.  The rest of us slept in, planning to meet up with him at the Central Park finish line. 

While the girls got ready to leave for the day, I put in some time on the computer and my iPhone, plotting our travel routes for the day.  Adventure Guy tends to do the map reading and directing when we travel, and I knew those tasks would fall to me for most of the day today.  By the time the two teenage girls deemed themselves ready to be seen by the world, I had a pretty good plan in place.

We’d hit most of the things on our to-do list on previous days, but DD2 still wanted to visit Dylan’s Candy Bar.  I’m not exactly sure where she learned about it, but it was a must-see as far as she was concerned.  On the way, we decided to stop at Sak’s 5th Avenue because every girl should visit a shoe department with its own zip code at least once in her life.  We also made it to the 5th Avenue H & M, since that’s a shopping opportunity that hasn’t yet made it to Suburbia. 

Did I mention how excited Soccer Boy was about accompanying us on this portion of our day’s activities?  Let’s just say I had to tell him not to hang his feet over the edge of the fancy white leather u-shaped “boyfriend chair” at the entrance to the Sak’s shoe salon.  He whined especially long when we happened upon the Ugg store as we neared Dylan’s.  DD2 convinced me to stop in “just to look,” and both she and DD1 walked out with new boots.  DD2 now officially will be receiving stocking stuffers only on Christmas morning, thanks to her earlier purchases of True Religion jeans and a Juicy warmup jacket.  DD1 used her own hard-earned money for her boots, saying she’d like Santa to bring her something she hadn’t picked out herself! The reality is, DD2 will be much happier with this route, since she is a girl who knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t particularly relish surprises, especially those that fail to live up to the image in her head.

Forty-five minutes later, Soccer Boy exulted in exploring three floors of candy, all to the beat of sugar and candy-themed pop music.  We bought fudge; we filled bags with assorted candy; I giggled with delight along with several other parents when we discovered such novelties from our own childhoods as Charms, candy cigarettes, and those little wax bottles filled with sweet liquid. 

Our sweet tooth satiated, we made our way uptown toward the Museum of Natural History.  I managed to figure out the correct subway train, despite the adjusted weekend schedule, and we enjoyed strolling through the neighborhood around Central Park on our way to the museum.  Once we arrived at the museum, the kids particularly liked the dinosaur exhibits. We wandered through several floors before heading outside to search for Adventure Guy who had finished the race by that point.

Unfortunately, the server providing tracking information for the race overloaded prior to his finish and his own cell phone battery hadn’t lasted the full 26.2 miles.  With thousands of runners milling around and no means of communication, we weren’t able to connect.  We did soak in the race environment, however, before making our way back to the hotel.  And, I found that, although New Yorkers immediately recognize us as Southern and offer warnings regarding such things as the unsweetened state of the iced tea they will be serving, visitors from other countries evidently view us as people who know how to get around the New York subway system.  No fewer than six people asked me for directions while we waiting to catch the C train!

It’s hard to believe that our trip ends tomorrow.  I can honestly say that we’ve taken a big bite out of the Big Apple!


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  1. Darci Dembroski

    Sounds like a great trip.. and fun for me to re-live our last visit there as I read your journal. Thanks for sharing!

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