These Vagabond Shoes

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Bright and early (very early) tomorrow, we’ll make the blessedly short trip from here in Suburbia to the city airport where we’ll  hop a plane that will land us three hours later in New York City.  I can’t wait.

After missing our opportunity last year to cheer Adventure Guy on in the NYC marathon, we decided not to let another year pass without accompanying him–after all, race slots come through a lottery process, and we may not have this chance again.  So, we’re springing the kids from school and embarking on an extended weekend trip. 

On the agenda?  I scored tickets to climb to the crown of the Statue of Liberty on Friday–Soccer Boy’s one request other than a visit to the Nike store. We’ll pick up some reduced-price tickets to a Broadway show, taking our chances on what’s available since there’s not one specific show we’ll be incredibly disappointed to miss.  Well, I am sorry that Spiderman doesn’t open until the week following week, but we’ll survive.  The Museum of Modern Art and The American Museum of Natural History are can’t miss stops, and we’re thinking about hitting the Tenement Museum, which gets great reviews from several people I know.  In between those activities, we plan to hit the race expo, soak in the city sites in general, and eat a lot of good food.

The comments are now officially open for any suggestions for sites we shouldn’t miss or restaurants we should be sure to frequent.  I’ll update the blog as I can while we’re away with more trip details.



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3 responses to “These Vagabond Shoes

  1. Have a great time. I’ve spent a lot of time in NY, but I don’t have any specific sites to recommend. Rather, my recommendation is to not plan to much and to allow some time to just see where your feet take you. The best days I’ve spent in NY were all spent walking A LOT.

  2. Rachel

    Yes, bring comfortable shoes 🙂

    If you haven’t been there already, the NY Public Library is pretty impressive.

  3. CT Mom is probably the best resource for you. See if you can convince her to meet you in the city. Otherwise, good luck to Adventure Guy in this year’s race around the boroughs.

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