The State of the Union

This afternoon, I had a unique conversation with my superintendent–someone who typically sees things much differently than I do on the political front.  He asked if I’d ever been more disheartened about the prospects of an election.  Though I joked that I was used to being disheartened–considering that I’m a distinctly blue voter in a distinctly red state–I had to agree with his sentiment. 

It’s entirely likely that a much-needed school funding measure is going down in flames tonight. We could also see both the legislature and the governor’s office controlled by Republicans (removing the checks and balances against cuts in taxes that go toward school funding as well as voucher movements and the like) and greet a new state superintendent of public education who is less-than-friendly toward actual public education.  While I’ll admit both times I watched George W. Bush take office caused me plenty of angst regarding the direction of the country, this turn in state politics stands to directly impact my day-t0-day life on a more regular basis.  It’s incredibly frustrating to work in an environment where people criticize the performance of public schools but are unwilling to provide the adequate funding to allow for their success.

One thing gives me hope…for the first time in many years, Adventure Guy and I did not cancel out one another’s votes.  He decided at the last minute to support my candidate for governor, and, fortunately was willing to vote both for the funding initiative and my choice for state superintendent. From the looks of the early election returns, I have a feeling tonight is going to be one that calls for cherishing that kind of small victory.


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  1. I always say that it’s the city & state races & initiatives that impact the voters’ day to day life the most so I completely understand your discouraging feelings. But I am proud of you for getting Adventure Guy on your side at least this time around!

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