All The News That’s Fit To Blog

The good news:  All-American High won it’s football game and clinched the district title last night.  The bad news:  It wasn’t too pretty, and one of the starters got hurt.

The good news:  The weather proved to be beautiful today after a cold night last night.  The bad news:  I’m now wearing outfit three for the day, having dressed to0 warmly in reaction to the cold night on the sidelines and then having sweated through my “cooler” outfit at Soccer Boy’s game today.

The good news:  Soccer Boy’s team rocked their opponent.  The bad news:  See above…too much sweat involved for simply sitting on the sidelines.

The good news:  DD1’s cross country team took the state title today.  The bad news:  DD1 spent the day working at her job at the running store rather than actually running in the state championship since she hasn’t been cleared to return from her stress fracture.

The good news:  We helped my SIL shop in our very own Halloween costume store (otherwise known as our gameroom) and found great solutions for all three of her kids.  The bad news:  I have yet to buy any Halloween candy or help my own children carve pumpkins.

The good news:  It’s the weekend.   The bad news:  There is no bad news!  It’s the weekend!

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