Though it’s near the end of October, Fall seems hesitant to hit Suburbia with full force this year.  Only the sudden loss of leaves from one of our trees in the front yard and Soccer Boy’s repeated discussions of Halloween costume options spurred me on to get out some of the seasonal decorations and head to the pumpkin stand for my annual pumpkin topiary display on the front porch. 

Once I had those things in place–and a batch of my favorite Autumn Snack Mix made–I found myself a bit more in the mood for the new season.  The kids just completed the first quarter of the school year; the All-American High School football team devours another opponent on a weekly basis in its quest for another championship, and, almost suddenly, I’ve found myself with two days off for Fall Break. 

I budgeted two vacation days for Fall Break back in July when October felt eons away.  I thought we’d likely take the kids to visit  my parents for the weekend or make a road trip to the A & M/Kansas game.  Then, I learned my parents would be in California babysitting my nephew, and Adventure Guy decided to use this weekend to mark off Wisconsin in his quest to run a marathon in all 50 states. Add to all that our plans to spend five days in New York City during the first week in November, and the result is a very low-key fall break.

But today’s weather is absolutely gorgeous.  I slept in until a little after nine, then did a bit of backyard cleanup before planting myself on the patio to enjoy my latest novel.  I did a bit of reading for my course that starts next month, but on the whole, I did a lot of relaxing.  The big event of the day?  Farmer’s co-op pickup this evening, followed by dinner at our favorite Mexican place. 

I think this break is going to be exactly what I need.

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2 responses to “Falling

  1. Darci Dembroski

    Wow, NYC in November. You’re brave. Hope you don’t get snowed in 😀 Is it just a family vacation or some occassion?

    • LSM

      Adventure Guy is running the New York City marathon, and we’re going along to both cheer him on and see some sights. Since it’s the first week of November, I’m hoping the weather will be more fallish than winterish. When he ran before, it was beautiful.

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