Limping Along

Where did last week go?  In the midst of starting a new graduate class, dealing with an unexpected injury for DD1, managing an ongoing challenge at work, and welcoming the Chinese exchange student who’ll be living with us for the next three weeks, blogging definitively took a back seat to life.  Oh, and did I mention we’re leaving town tomorrow for the holiday weekend.  So, yes, life is happening, but I’m failing at recording it for posterity.

So, I mentioned an injury and then didn’t elaborate.  DD1 runs cross county, and at the end of her very first race of the season last Saturday found herself unable to put any weight on her left foot.  A trip to the emergency room left us with the diagnosis of a sprain and the warning to see an orthopedic specialist if things didn’t improve in 48 hours.  You guessed, it.  We saw the specialist yesterday.  In the interim, the school’s athletic trainer did some electrotherapy with her and monitored the swelling.  We left the appointment yesterday with the same unclear results on x-ray as before and an order for an MRI on Tuesday.  It’s either a stress fracture or tendon damage.  I don’t know which option to hope for at this point, but it looks like her cross country season is likely over for this year.  She’s pretty crushed about that since she had a fabulous preseason and a shot to make it onto the varsity team this year. To her credit, she’s handling both that and the reality of getting around on crutches for the foreseeable future with a lot more grace than I likely would have at her age–or probably now.

On a  positive note, our exchange student seems fabulous and as good of a fit for DD1 as I’d hoped from reading her biography.  Her English is excellent, and certainly far exceeds our Chinese!  So far, we’ve had the airport welcome, a breakfast at school this morning, and the welcome cookout and swim party tonight.  We’re in for a festivity-filled few weeks. 

Tomorrow, we load up the family truckster and make the pilgrimage to our alma mater, Texas A & M.  We try to see one home game per year, and Labor Day makes for a nice time to do it since the long weekend gives us more opportunity to spend time there as opposed to just driving back and forth.  This year has the added benefit of letting our guest see a large American university and a college football game.  We’ll see Adventure Guy’s dad while we’re in town, and we also hope to connect with some college friends.

And now, if I’m really going to leave town tomorrow morning, I need to pack and get my house into some semblance of order.  Once I return, I hope to return to more regular blogging as well!


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  1. Darci Dembroski

    Our Korean student arrived Tuesday night. It’s been an easy transition thus far here too. She is looking forward to our camping trip this weekend as she’s never camped. Thanks for the updates.

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