Where’s The Pooper Scooper?

Signboard on a fence in Sausalito, CA: dog shi...
Image via Wikipedia

At one point, I turned to my partner at work and said, “You know things are bad when cleaning up the dog shit you found in the living room first thing in the morning proves to be the best part of your day.”

Yes, from an unexpected “present” this morning, to the argument with Adventure Guy regarding who held responsibility for said accident, to a meeting where people whined about trivial things, to a bigger meeting where I was unable to sway the big boss to my side of an issue, to news that will negatively impact our district in the coming days–this day would not make my list to relive any time soon.

Perhaps I should invest in a sign like the one here.  Or maybe even two.  I wonder how they’d fit in with my living room and office decor?


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