The Easy Life

The first full week of the 2010-2011 school year hit the dust on Friday afternoon around 4:00 p.m., fully an hour before it should have, but in true first of the school year fashion, I’d forgotten to ask DD1 to pick DD2 up from cheer practice.  Because I forgot DD2 had tumbling on a shortened schedule of Fridays.  The good news…DD1 will be able to easily pick DD2 up on her way home from her own cross country practice on Fridays. The bad news…I failed to mention I needed her to do so and couldn’t get in touch with her in time to prevent my needing to leave work early.

But, honestly, I couldn’t wait to leave.  The first week of school always brings its share of unhappy and frustrated people.  I’d love to say we could eliminate all the factors that tend to lead to those feelings, but I’m not sure that’s truly possible.  There will always be bus stops that are a bit further from home than some would like, lines for picking up school schedules, and teachers whom people have “heard” about and therefore immediately know they don’t want for their children.  And, in my experience, no one calls the central office during those first few days of school to tell us what a fabulous experience their children have had.  But if I think through the odds, I guess hearing from only a handful of parents when we have over 10,0o0 students at All American Public Schools is actually not bad at all.

Still, by the time I met a group of girl friends for dinner and a movie on Friday evening, I felt I’d earned the margarita that served as my drink of choice for the night.  We ate; we drank; we saw the new Jennifer Aniston movie, The Switch. My reaction to the latter can be summed up as, “Meh.” Not terrible.  Not great.

Today brought the distinct pleasure of having nothing to do.  I’m enjoying this state of being, since it will be the last time it will come around for quite a few weeks.  I’ve spent the day doing laundry, watering the pool so the new gunite will cure, reading, catching up on the latest installment of the Pillars of the Earth mini-series, and playing my newly-discovered live version of Qrank on my iPhone.  It’s not a bad gig if you can get it, and it might even make me ready to tackle the new school year, week two on Monday!

The Latest Pool Look



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2 responses to “The Easy Life

  1. Marcia

    How are you feeling about Pillars of the Earth? I’m not thrilled, but am enjoying watching it. It just seems like there is so much that’s lacking/missing compared to the book. I wish they would have made it into a regular season-long series and fleshed it out more.

    • LSM

      Adventure Guy and I both loved the novel, so we’ve enjoyed the miniseries. But, I agree that it could have been an entire series. I’m disappointed that it’s scheduled to end next week.

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