But Floral Wallpaper Was The Thing To Have In The 90s!

I find it oddly disturbing that the set for Grace’s kitchen in The Secret Life of the American Teenager has the same wallpaper that I used to have before our kitchen redo a couple of years ago.  It’s perhaps more disturbing that both I and DD1 picked up on that fact during the first episode.  And perhaps even more disturbing that I still watch the show despite its bad acting and annoying plot lines. It’s like a train wreck.  I can’t look away, and I can’t stop noticing my own former decorating choices in each and every episode!

Our latest “remodeling” project seems to be moving along in fits and starts.  I didn’t get home in time tonight to take a new shot, but the rebar is in place, and the city inspected that phase today.  They should be putting in the gunite soon.  With the record temperatures set in Suburbia lately, I can’t wait to have a way to quickly cool off next summer (or maybe even the end of this one)!

School hit hard and heavy last week, with the two older kids putting in several hours each on the homework front this weekend.  DD1 made the adjustment previously to the work load that comes with multiple honors classes, but DD2 is quickly learning that high school really is different than middle school.  Fortunately both of them seem to like their teachers for this year, and Soccer Boy greeted me at the end of the first day with, “I had a GREAT day today, MOM,” so all’s well there.

 We’ll slowly but surely get back into the swing of things, but I’ll admit that right now the new round of soccer, cheer, and cross country practices along with the accompanying games and performances seems more than a little daunting.  But, with our Chinese exchange student arriving soon and several other fun things planned for this year, I have a feeling it’s going to be one of our most memorable.

I’ll just try to take deep breaths and enjoy.  That, and quit focusing on the outdated wallpaper I’m drawn to on tv.



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2 responses to “But Floral Wallpaper Was The Thing To Have In The 90s!

  1. Darci Dembroski

    Our Korean student arrives August 30th. Her room is freshly painted and ready to go. We’re getting excited as I imagine you all are! Can’t wait to share our experiences on this one.

  2. Ronald

    Flowers weren’t the thing to have in the 90s

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