The Birthday Girl

Sometime during the past year, the little girl I gave birth to fourteen years ago today slipped away.  In her place, I’ve found a being comprised solely of  long legs, long hair, and a multitude of talents that are hard to capture in words. Maybe it happened when she finally reached the long-sought-after milestone of standing over five feet tall, or maybe it came when the orthodontist removed her braces in July.  But, just in time for her freshman year, DD2 looks exactly like the teen that she is rather than the child that she was.

DD2 is her father’s daughter in so many ways.  She looks like him, and she inherited his undying determination to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. Ironically, this doesn’t interfere with their relationship–she tends to confide more in him than in me.  Day after day, I laugh when I recall that, upon learning we’d be having a second girl, I figured that would be great because I knew how girls worked.  And, I do know how DD1 works because she is, indeed, my daughter.  DD2 proves more of a challenge, especially now that she’s older. I’m afraid that we fall into the trap of not paying as much attention to the middle child as we do to the oldest and youngest, so sometimes, DD2 gets lost in the mix.  Both Adventure Guy and I have made more of an effort in recent months to spend time alone with DD2, which is the only time I find she’s likely to open up.

DD2 continues to develop many of her interests, especially cooking and art.  She’s recently moved from making cupcakes from a mix to whipping them up from scratch and can turn out simple dinners as well.  I need to encourage her in the latter effort since the former is negatively impacting my waistline.  Her artistic talents range from having a great eye for both fashion and interior design to creating drawings and paintings.  She recently sketched out her ideas for redesigning our gameroom, and I think we’ll eventually carry them out.  And, I’m constantly amazed at how she’s able to put together interesting and flattering outfits that look both stylish and unique at the same time.

But the outfit she seems most excited about wearing these days is her cheerleading uniform.  Though I’m guessing I’m the only mother here in Suburbia who had reservations about her daughter making the cheerleading squad, I have to admit she looked fabulous the other day when we took her uniforms in for alterations.  I’m actually looking forward to seeing her on the sidelines in September (though I’m not looking forward to seeing her in the air as a flier!).

DD2, however, is looking forward to events closer at hand.  Tonight, we’ll go to her favorite hibachi restaurant to celebrate with the family.  Then on Friday, she’s hosting five of her closest friends for a sleepover complete with a jaunt to the nail salon for pedicures.  It will be a great way to kick off her freshman year–which starts August 12th!


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