Road Trip

During the last few days, I took not only a blogging hiatus, but also the opportunity to slip out of Suburbia and hit the road for my home town in Texas.  Most summers, I spend several days visiting with my parents, grandmother, and great-aunt, but this year’s record work pace kept me away until now, when I decided if I didn’t go, I wouldn’t make it home at all this summer.

By coincidence, my trip home came at the end of one of my close friends from high school’s own visit.  Thanks to Facebook, I realized she and her kids would be in town the night I arrived.  We arranged to meet up for an evening swim at my grandmother’s house.  Her kids are younger than mine, but everyone loves a chance to escape the Texas heat and humidity in late July.  They had a great time showing off their creative diving board skills and playing with the various pool toys we’ve collected over the year.  That gave my friend and I a chance to catch up–we see each other far too infrequently for two people who actually only live a little over an hour apart these days.  Ironically, most of our get togethers take place in our home town, which is around five hours from our current locations.

The rest of the trip flew by as we found ourselves consumed with consuming all of our favorite foods.  My sister and her family arrived on the second day.  My mom took all the kids except for the oldest and youngest to a great children’s theater even she spearheaded in conjunction with a local Shakespeare program.  The grownups took advantage of that event to engage the babysitting services of DD2 and run out to see Salt while my youngest niece napped.  It’s a fun summer flick, as long as you’re into the willing suspension of disbelief!

After one last restaurant requirement was checked off today at lunch, we headed home through a driving rain storm.  I’m happy to report we made good time despite the weather.  Now, I’m hoping the week ahead goes just as smoothly.  The last week of July means it’s time to officially gear up for the 2010-2011 school year!


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