School Days

August scares me.  And not only because temperature-wise, it tends to be Suburbia’s harshest month.  Nope, I ended up staring fear right in the face this morning when I decided to calendar all the various back-to-school commitments my children (and, therefore, I) have.  DD1’s cross country team pre-existing morning runs are the least of it.  She gets herself there this year, which is quite a relief after trying to time the pickup portion with our work schedules last year.  But now that August is looming, I have DD2’s cheerleading practice to contend with, along with two different schedule pick-up days, one meet the teacher event, an athletic physical, and two mandatory drug testing sessions for athletics.  And that’s before school even starts. 

In the meantime, August also brings one of my busiest times at work.  I’ll be conducting a professional development session for new teachers, serving breakfast to staff on the first all call work day, and handing out awards at the annual Back to School event for personnel. I’ll also make the rounds to all of the campuses that are in my reporting queue during their meet the teacher events and on the first day of school.  At least I’ve learned over the years which of my work outfits work best for hiking in from distant parking places in 98 degree heat. So, I’ve got that going for me.

I know I shouldn’t complain.  Many of the back to school tasks actually bring a lot of satisfaction.  But, I find it hard to believe summer has flown by so quickly.  New teachers report exactly two weeks from today, with the remaining personnel reporting the following Monday.  And, ready of not, we’ll welcome over 10,000 students on August 12!


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