The Orange Juice Incident

Often I find myself frustrated with Soccer Boy, a kid who won’t give himself a break and insists on perfect performance or nothing at all.  Then I have a morning like today when I discover myself blowing a gasket over something insignificant…in this case the fact that Adventure Guy said last week at Sunday school–“Oh, sure.  We’ll bring all four gallons of orange juice for donut hour next Sunday” and then promptly forgot all about it.

That is until it suddenly hit me after it was too late to get to church early to help our classmates prepare for our volunteer shift.  The good news is we averted the crisis by running in to the local grocery store on our way and arriving in plenty of time to pour said juice before everyone else got out of the service (which, yes, we skipped because we wanted to sleep in).  Nothing like a little guilt.  A little guilt and one wife and mother who wasn’t exactly filled with Christian charity at the moment she realized she wasn’t right on top of everything.

I don’t know where Soccer Boy gets that perfectionist tendency, nope, I can’t figure it out at all.


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One response to “The Orange Juice Incident

  1. It is amazing how often the characteristic that most annoys us in others is something we suffer from as well 😉

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