I Manage To Fill The Time

If I got paid for every time someone remarked with an air of surprise, “Oh, you work in the summer?  What do you do?” I could solve some of our district’s budget shortfalls! Evidently people are convinced that once students end their year, the schools shut down and then magically reopen–complete with fully staffed classrooms, new textbooks and materials in place, students assigned to teachers and classrooms, and professional development ready to occur. 

This week, I’ve ventured out to discover the ins and outs of what the state legislature perpetrated on education during the worst budget year in our state’s history–oh yes, there are lots of new mandates.  I also attended a partnering workshop with districts across our area to discuss a new virtual learning consortium.  I’ve advised principals on hiring decisions and developed a job description for a new position before selling said description to the various people who need to buy in to it.  I worked with our directors of professional development and curriculum to finalize plans for our federal programs budget. And, unfortunately, I have several parents who are less-than-pleased because of a glitch in our enrollment process, so I’m working to smooth that out.  Tomorrow I meet with our communications director to provide input for the district goals poster design and drop in to elementary summer school to get a feel for how it’s going so far this year.

By Friday, I know I will have completely earned my shortened summer work week.  I can’t wait for vacation…Adventure Guy and I head out for our annual pre camp pick up trip for the lake on Tuesday.


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  1. Marcia

    yes, yes, yes…….we get the same question CONSTANTLY!!

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