Pooling My Resources

Taking full advantage of her only child status now that both of her siblings vacated the premises in favor of camp, DD1 requested her dad smoke some brisket and ribs for her and a few good friends. This ideas eventually morphed into combing BBQ eating with another favorite summer activity, swimming. We’ll be headed to my inlaws’ in a few hours to take full advantage of their backyard patio and pool.

Of course, the BBQ represents only part of the required menu for this evening.  While Adventure Guy shouldered the bulk of the work with preparing the meat, I took on the sides.  We’ll be having baked beans, potato chips, and mandarin orange salad with brownies and vanilla bars for dessert.  As I type, everything but the beans is ready to go.  I’m waiting to put those in the oven until closer to dinner time. Check out the links for the recipes.  I took the “old favorites” route with this menu!

In keeping with the Summer Black-Out 2010 challenge, my outfit for today includes one of my favorite print shirts and olive green shorts.  I may or may not eventually change into a swimsuit.  And if I do, I’ll be counting it as “workout wear” since it includes a solid black skirt bottom! 


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