Blooming Color

Today proved highly productive, both in my quest to make it a week without wearing any black clothing and in my quest to get a handle on all the various projects piled up on my desk at work.  During the school year, it’s a rare, rare day that comes without meetings.  That fact makes me appreciate days like today even more.  Seeing an entirely blank calendar seems like a gift!

Since I knew I could afford to be a bit more casual in my wardrobe choice today, I went with my favorite denim A-line skirt.  I’ve also recently jumped in on the renewed belt trend, with this skinny, matte gold belt.  I have to admit it does define my waist in a way I like, even though I tend to be self-conscious about calling attention to that particular part of my figure.

So, this is what I wore while wrapping up loose ends from what now is officially “last year” and then starting the planning cycle for the beginning of “next year” in August. Fortunately, I had no need for a second outfit tonight since my evening activity involved meeting some friends at a restaurant a few minutes from my office.  After that, the only thing I needed to wear tonight was my workout gear!


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