Two For One

Last night, thanks to a lengthy school board meeting, I only needed one non-black outfit to meet the Summer Black-Out challenge. I changed out of work clothes and briefly into workout gear before heading right to bed.

Today brought a new challenge, casual wear!

But first, my work outfit–suitable for a trip to the eye doctor, a meeting with my boss, and an afternoon in the office. This faux wrap dress looks pulled together but provides plenty of comfort for sitting at my desk. In summer I like to pair it with this light sweater–good for keeping me from freezing in the air conditioning and easy to remove when I leave the office.

Notice, I carried it over to my casual outfit which will take me to a parent meeting for DD1’s trip to China next year and then out for dinner on the patio with Adventure Guy.



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3 responses to “Two For One

  1. The pattern of that dress is just beautiful!!

  2. Love both of these patterns. Geometrics are my faves!

  3. LSM

    Thanks for the compliments on the patterns. The dress is a favorite for its wearability and also because I got it at a very reduced price during a close out sale at a fancy boutique I came across while visiting my brother in California. Oh, and just for the record, the background of that pattern is brown! It looks a bit darker in the picture than in actuality.

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