Summer Black-Out 2010

It’s officially summer here in Suburbia.  While the calendar may say we have to wait until later in the month, as far as I’m concerned summer starts as soon as the kids (and, yes, the teachers) vacate the school buildings for summer vacation.  For the most part, my schedule lightens up between the second week of June and the last week of July.  I have a little time to think and plan for the upcoming school year, and I get to lighten up my wardrobe as well since we tend to have fewer big meetings or other occasions during the summer months.

All that to say, it’s a good time to take up the Summer Black-Out Challenge of 2010 over at Already Pretty.  I’ve enjoyed Sally McGraw’s take on daily fashion and body image since I discovered her blog several months ago.  Now, she asks her readers if they can go for one week without wearing black this summer.  Here are the rules:

From Monday, June 7, to Monday, June 14, participants are forbidden to wear black clothes. No black pants, black skirts, black dresses, black shirts, black sweaters, nada.

  1. Black shoes, accessories, and jewelry are fine.
  2. Workout/gym duds get a pass.
  3. Black can be IN patterns but cannot be the BACKGROUND of a pattern.

Sounds fairly simple, right?  I don’t wear a huge amount of black during the summer months, but I’ll admit several black pieces are staples of my work wardrobe no matter what the season.  But I’ve decided I’m game, so without further ado…

Outfit One

Today’s outfit took me through the work day and a three and a half hour school board meeting.  White pencil skirt, royal blue ruffled cardigan with three-quarter sleeves, blue and white floral blouse, neutral wedge sandals, gold metallic bag, blue bead long necklace.  I felt summery and pulled-together without resorting to my favorite board meeting skirt–the black pencil skirt with kick pleats.  One day down, six to go!


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  1. Oh, I would whither away!! Partly because I work in a very well air conditioned basement office with no windows so it never properly *feels* like any season down here other than too flipping COLD. But black pants are staples for me. I own one pair of brown & one pair of creme and that’s it. Skirts are nearly impossible thanks to the over bearing air conditioning. I contemplated wearing one today but just could not. But, I do have enough skirts to pull off a full week if I had to without black. Maybe. *cringe*

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