Summer Reading

Unlike Junes of the recent past, Adventure Guy and I are not child-free this month.  DD1 decided camp had run its course for her, so she’s hanging out with us this month while her siblings spend their annual time at Kanakuk. Well, actually she’s doing very little hanging out with us and much more hanging out with her friends, but it is interesting to have an only child on our hands for a while. 

DD1 plans to keep busy while she’s home.  She continues to search for a summer job, though the competition–both from other students and from adults–appears pretty stiff this year.  Babysitting tides her over somewhat, but she’d like a better income source to fund all those fun summer things she’d like to do this summer. She also starts a PSAT prep class tomorrow that will fill her mornings this month, and she’s taking world history online to free up a spot in her schedule next year.  With our high school continuing a six-period day schedule, she can’t get in all her graduation requirements while both playing in the orchestra and running track all four years without picking up an extra credit in the summer. In between all that, she’ll work in time to fulfill her summer reading requirements for her AP English course next year.  DD2 will be putting some of her free time at camp to good use by doing the same, albeit for her Pre-AP course as a freshman–how is it possible I’ll have two kids in high school next year?

While the girls spend their time fulfilling their academic obligations, I’m taking full advantage of not having any coursework of my own to worry about until July.  My book club keeps me supplied with interesting reads, and I’ve found a few of my own as well.  Here’s the latest of my summer reads. I enjoyed all of them but would particularly recommend Unaccustomed Earth and Cutting For Stone.


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