Back In The Good Old Days

Tonight after dinner, Soccer Boy, DD2, and I ventured out to our local supercenter for a round of camp supply shopping.  Adventure Guy took care of the clothing purchases a couple of weekends ago, but I found myself on the hook for toiletries and other essentials.

After successfully loading our cart with shampoo, body wash, socks, underwear, and stationery, the kids and I made our way to the checkout counter, where DD2 spotted amongst all the temptations conveniently located for our examination two items of particular interest:  Fruit Stripe Gum and Hubba Bubba bandaid gum.  Squeals of delight emanated from both DD2 and Soccer Boy.  Remember these?  We used to get this stuff when we were little!  Can we buy them?

In a moment of weakness, I purchased both items before we headed to the parking lot.  While I put the cart away, the kids dove in to their gum–only to discover that the Hubba Bubba pieces no longer actually look like bandaids.  It’s just in a bandaid-like box.

DD2 broke the bad news to Soccer Boy. His response? 

“What?  They’re ruining our childhood!”

 Only eleven, and things are going downhill.  I hope he’ll be able to bear up over time!


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