Barefoot Children In The Rain

Ironically, I had typed the line, “This post is not going to be about the weather,” last night just as Adventure Guy informed me he’d just shut down our wireless connection because of the impending storms.  So, yes, once again, I’m posting about the weather.

Suburbia sits in the middle of an area known for tornadoes.  Fortunately, we haven’t had a “big one” in a number of years, but that doesn’t mean we get through the spring season without our share of scares–enough so that I can trace my longevity here by my diminishing rate of attention to storm warnings. Really, you just get used to it.

But last night, the high-tech radar system used by our local news station lit up like a Christmas tree.  Typically, we just have watches, meaning a storm is likely.  But last night, the weathermen were all chattering with actual warnings. Warnings that came with reports of tornadoes on the ground in nearby communities.

I always know things are getting serious when Adventure Guy starts his storm preparations rather than taking his usual action of going outside to stand in the yard and look for the wall cloud.  Last night, our emergency actions included telling the kids to come downstairs and wear their shoes.  Of course, they promptly lost track of said shoes when they got involved in watching The Blind Side in our room.  Evidently, it’s just not comfortable to wear shoes and watch television–even under tornado threat.

As a result, by the time I herded three children and two dogs into my walk-in closet, only one of my three children actually had shoes on her feet.  DD1 took solace in the fact that she was in close proximity to around 50 pairs that would fit her as well as they do me.  Soccer Boy on the other hand would have been out of luck in the event of needing to cross storm debris.

Fortunately, almost as soon as I broke down and heeded the “take cover” warnings, things calmed down and we emerged, no worse for wear. It was amusing to see the pictures friends posted on Facebook of their own “safe rooms,” which in our basementless part of town tend to be bathrooms and closets.

And, now, I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the coming weekend.  Adventure Guy and I plan to escape to Dallas for the weekend in celebration of his birthday.  We’ll be taking in the Jimmy Buffet concert and reveling in the predicted sunny weather.  I’m looking forward to Saturday by the hotel pool almost as much as Saturday night with the Parrotheads.  Almost, but not quite!


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