The Old Man Must Be Snoring

Welcome to Surburbia, home of endless rain.  Ironically, when I travelled to Seattle a couple of years ago, we experienced nothing but beautiful, blue skies.  The kind of skies May in Suburbia typically brings.  But for the last week or so, our weather seems to be channeling the Northwest coast.  I am ready for some sun!

In honor of the weather, I slept in and then got busy putting a pot roast in the crock pot for dinner.  The gloom outside makes me crave traditional comfort foods but also makes me lazy.  Pot roast, therefore, is the perfect solution.  The biggest effort of the meal will be making the mashed potatoes to go with it.  Perhaps it’s time for a culinary lesson for DD1 and DD2.  I’m sure they are dying to learn how to make mashed potatoes.

To continue the disconnect between the weather and the time of year, the other item on our “to do” list this afternoon is shopping for camp.  DD2 shot up several inches this year, making many of her go to camp clothes from last year too small.  She’ll need quite a few things, and Soccer Boy needs a few more pairs of shorts and more socks.  I continually wonder if the kids eat their socks during the school year.  Seriously, every year each of them needs twelve new pairs of socks for camp even though we bought twelve new pair the year  before.

I’m finding it hard to believe that camp is only a few weeks away.  The younger two leave on June 1.  DD1 opted out this year in favor of staying home to work at a still-t0-be-found summer job and hang out with her friends here.  All three kids finish school on May 24 (an odd Monday end due to the way our weather days usage worked out this year).  We’ll head to visit my family in Texas over Memorial Day weekend, and then the next day, we meet the camp bus. 

All of these preparations at least give me hope that soon it will stop raining and start to seem more like summer.  At least I hope so!



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2 responses to “The Old Man Must Be Snoring

  1. Darci Dembroski

    To what extent have you been experiencing the storms in your “neck of the woods?”
    We’ve been thinking of you all.

  2. LSM

    We had skated by fairly well until last night. The storms last week did hit close by, but the damage was mostly to the north of us. Last night, a tornado touched down in a neighboring town, and it looked pretty dicey for a while…long enough for us to actually take shelter, but then nothing actually happened other than a lot of rain!

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