Rain, Rain, Go Away

Evidently, my post from last night proved to be prophetic. At around 5 a.m., I awoke suddenly to realize that Adventure Guy had just turned on the television in our bedroom.  Finding myself awake at 5 a.m., particularly on days when the alarm is scheduled to ring only 18 minutes later, will never make my list of favorite activities. Knowing that about myself, I’m sure my inquiry as to why Adventure Guy thought television viewing should be a top priority did not come off as very pleasant.

His reply? “Well, I thought it might be nice to figure out why the tornado sirens are going off.”  Only then did I actually comprehend that, indeed, it was awfully windy outside and in between gusts I could hear the intermittent wailing of rotating sirens. 

Fortunately, the news reassured us that no tornado had been spotted and that it was the high winds themselves setting off sirens.  Without rotation, they did a lot of damage but not nearly what a true tornado would have.  Adventure Guy and I decided to let the kids stay asleep (they evidently take after me!), and I have to admit to being thrilled to find upon checking my phone that I had a text from my trainer cancelling our session this morning. 

I learned later that in addition to the thankfulness in my heart for two extra hours of sleep, I should have been equally thrilled to have power.  A number of friends didn’t find themselves so lucky.

Things remained gray with interspered rain all day. Typically, May is one of my favorite months in Suburbia, but this year it seems the famed April showers should be sent to detention for tardiness.  I’m ready for the sun!


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